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Vanvasi Seva Kendra

Aims & Objectives

Our mission encompasses several key objectives which are aligned with the vision and mission of the Vanvasi Seva Kendra. We are dedicated to fostering the comprehensive development of the residents of the Kaimur plateau, by seamlessly integrating economic, social, and cultural facets into our initiatives.

We prioritize the utilization of local natural resources as a foundation for cultivating an agro-industrial society in the neighboring villages, by aspiring to construct model villages that empower villagers to attain holistic progress through self-reliance, while upholding our national values and ethos. We also aim to instill a mindset among all villagers whereby there is mutual cooperation and understanding, striving to elevate their economic, social, educational, cultural, and moral standards. 


To achieve the above Noble Goals, we diligently undertake a wide range of activities and programs.

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