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Adhaura-35 acre, Khamkala-4 acre, Bhabua-0.15 acres, Tilouthu-0.25 acres, Nauhatta- 7 acres




Adhaura (Headquarters)

a. KVK Adm. Building – 5700 Sq. ft. having classroom, seminar hall and office.
b. General office building – 1000 sq. ft.(approx.)
c. Meeting and prayer hall – 1500 sq. ft.(approx.)
d. Library building – 1500 Sq. ft.(approx.); 800 Sq. ft. of upper floor used as library and
reading room, 700 Sq. ft. at ground floor used as record room
e. Ayurved unit building – 1650 Sq. ft.(approx.)
f. Fruit processing building – 2160 Sq. ft.
g. Guest house – 2 rooms with double bed and 1 dormitory with 6 bed
h. Staff quarters, general kitchen and dining hal


Bhabua(Sub- centre)

Tilouthu(sub- centre)

i. Staff accommodations and guest room

k. 5150 Sq. ft.; food processing training unit, Khadi production unit, staff &guest



l. Working women’s hostel 5000sft
m. Project office 1000sft
n. Khadi production unit 3000sft
o. Store 500sft
p. Staff and guest accommodation 1000sf


Civil Engineering Equipments

Cartographic instrument, compass, compressor, vibrator, leveler, etc.

Farm Equipment

Sprinkler Set, M. B. Plough, Sub Soiler, Cage Wheel, Cultivator, Zero Till Seed Drill Machine,
Seed processing Machine, Sprayer, duster, sprinkler set, winnowing fan, maize Sheller, soil
testing kit

Leather tanning and carcass
processing Equipment

Complete set of equipments for vegetable tanning and carcass processing for producing bone
mill, flaying tools, cobbler’s tool, sewing machines, etc

Fruit and Vegetable processing Equipment

2 Complete sets, one at Adhaura and another at Tilauthu with boiler, dryer, mixer, grinder,
pulper, furnace, packaging equipment etc. and laboratory equipments for quality control

Food processing Equipments

Complete set of machinaries and equipments producing Badi, Papad, Spices, Sattu and
confectionery items

Office Equipments

Computer with printer and scanner, Electronic and Manual Typewriters, Duplicating machine,
Binding machine and photocopier (digital) etc.

Laboratory Equipments

i) Pathological equipment for various routine tests,
ii) Equipments for quality control, tests on processed food vegetable and fruit (under
Ayurvedic and value addition unit

Audio-Visual Equipments

Overhead projector, Slide projector, Film Projector, T.V. and V.C.P., Video Camera (Digital) &
L.C.D. with Lap-top.


Jeep-2, , Tractor-2, Motorcycle-5

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