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Education Program Coordinator

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Adhaura, Bihar, India

Job Type

Full Time


About the Role

As an Education Program Coordinator, you will lead and manage projects aimed at providing education opportunities to underprivileged children. Your role will involve collaborating with local schools, educators, and community members to design and implement programs that enhance access to education, improve teaching methods, and foster student engagement. You will monitor program outcomes, assess the impact of interventions, and work closely with volunteers and stakeholders to create a conducive learning environment. By contributing to educational empowerment, you will play a key part in our organization's mission of comprehensive community development.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Education, Social Work, or a related field.

  • Previous experience in education program management or community-based education initiatives.

  • Strong organizational and communication skills.

  • Passion for providing educational opportunities to marginalized children.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with diverse groups.

About the Company

Be a driving force in the education sector by joining Vanvasi Seva Kendra as an Education Program Coordinator. If you're committed to ensuring quality education reaches every corner of society and believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives, this role is your opportunity to make a lasting impact.

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