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Primary School Teachers

Job Title: Primary School Teachers.

Job Type: Full-Time

About Us:

The Artems School (a unit of Vanvasi Seva Kendra) is looking for Primary School Teachers.


Job Description:

  • Develop a careful and creative program suitable for primary school children

  • Empowering children to become independent learners and take action based on their learning

  • Engaging children in the co-construction of their learning

  • Using appropriate formative and summative assessment tools to plan progression

  • Encouraging children to reflect on and assess their progression

  • Involving parents in their children’s learning through regular parent – teacher meetings

  • Enhance children to improve their social competencies and build self-esteem

  • Enhance their emotional competencies

  • Guide children to develop their creative and hands on experiences through a carefully constructed curriculum

  • Supervise children to ensure they are always safe

  • Track children's progress and report to parents

  • Communicate with parents regularly to understand the children's development and growth

  • Maintain a clean and tidy classroom consistent with health and safety standards.

Qualifications & Experience

The Candidate applying for the position of primary school teacher should be:

  • Qualifications: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, 

  • Preferred English medium school working experience, B.Ed Optional

  • Experience: 1-3 years

  • Number of position: 3

  • Preference to those who have worked in schools and has a command over communicative English

  • Good Computer and IT knowledge.



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